When the air is riveting! When every breath glimmers in background music! When the soul wanes into beautiful oblivion, life becomes dramatic!

Your stage! Your emotion! Your act!


  • The duration of the play should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Time will be counted as soon as the signal is given or the team starts giving introduction, whichever is earlier. For stage setting and removal of set and properties, up to 3 minutes will be given after taking charge of the stage.
  • The number of participants should not exceed 8 and the maximum number of accompanists should not exceed 3
  • Participants have to come 2 hour prior to the event
  • The participating team(s) shall bring their own set/ stage property, make up material etc
  • Hindi and English both languages are allowed
  • No personal remarks, aspersions, character assassination etc. is allowed
  • Vulgarity or bitter insinuations in presentation should be avoided. Only innocent satire or humour is expected
  • The decision made by the judge will be final and binding
  • Participants are supposed to send their music/songs required for your performance on the following email ID with the given format: "NAME_EVENT NAME" on
  • The participants have to mail their tracks latest by 14th March,2023 in order to qualify


  • Theme chosen
  • Acting skills
  • Dialouge delivery and speech clarity
  • Overall presentation


The winner and runner-up will be awarded with cash/kind awards

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