Rang De! (Painting)

"Whether it is your life or a piece of canvas you can always fill it with colours"

Crescedo' 23 brings to you RANG DE!, an amazing way to showcase your artistry and talent. Painting takes more than talent, it takes dedication and patience.


  • It will be a painting competition.
  • The participants can paint on a theme of their choice
  • Participants have to be present 1 hour prior to the event
  • The time provided to the participants to complete their painting will be 1.5 hours
  • The participants have to bring their own equipments (brushes, paints and water containers)
  • Painting sheet will be provided by the management team
  • Participants should bring their own painting equipment required by them
  • The decision made by the judges will be final and binding


  • Creativity
  • Design and colour scheme
  • Use of specific techniques and strokes
  • Overall presentation


The winner and runner-up will be awarded with cash/kind awards

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