Power Hour

“Show us what you got”

The ultimate platform to sizzle the crowd with your body. Crescendo provides you the platform to show off your effort and dedication towards yourself to the public and gain all the wooooss!


  • All participant will be called onstage and have up to a maximum of 60 seconds to perform the following 5 mandatory poses in the order shown:
    • - Front double biceps
    • - Front lat spread
    • - Side chest
    • - Back double biceps
    • - Back lat spread
  • Each participant is called onstage individually in numerical order and has up to a maximum of 2 minutes to perform a posing routine to music of their choice.
  • The judge poses a right to direct participants through the callouts, where they are compared against each other in the quarter turns and mandatory poses.
  • Use of footwear, watches, bangles, pendants, chains, bracelets (wrist or ankle), ornamentation or artificial aids to the physique are not permitted. The use of vulgar, profane and/or offensive language in the posing music is prohibited.
  • Products such as oils, moisturizers, skin creams, tanning creams and like products may be used only in moderation.
  • The participants have to wear trunks which are solid and of non-distracting color.
  • The decision made by the judge is final and binding
  • The participants have to report 1 hour prior to the event
  • Participants are supposed to send their music/songs required for your rap performance on the following email ID with the given format : "NAME_EVENT NAME" on crescendo.media@isbm.ac.in
  • The participants have to mail their tracks latest by 14th March,2023 in order to qualify


  • Muscularity
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Proportion
  • Symmetry
  • Balance


The winner and runner-up will be awarded with cash/kind prizes

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