Dance is an articulation of one's emotion at their peak, and when these emotions are shared and cherished with a companion, the expression takes on a divine twist. So, to double the trouble, and express your synergistic moves, spins and whirls, Crescendo offers a platform for the pairs to ornate the vibrant zesty dias with their dashing moves.


  • It is a duet dance event which implies that there will be a pair
  • Number of entries is not restricted per college/institution
  • There will be a total of 2 rounds
  • All dance forms are allowed including Classical, Semi-Classical, and Folk. Fusion of songs and voice over is allowed
  • Vulgarity or indecent gestures at any point of the performance will lead to disqualification
  • The choice of songs and costumes should be decent. Failing to do so will lead to on- spot elimination.
  • The use of props such as fire, colours (powder), flower petals, and sharp or metal props won’t be allowed. Each participant will be responsible for their own props, costumes and other belongings
  • Participants should reach 1 hour prior to the performance.
  • The decisions of the judges in all the rounds shall be final and binding.
  • Dance performance must not exceed a time of 5 minutes.
  • Participants are supposed to send their music/songs required for your dance performance on the following email ID with the given format:"NAME_EVENT NAME" on crescendo.media@isbm.ac.in
  • The participants have to mail their tracks latest by 14th March,2023 in order to qualify


  • The participants will have to come prepared with their performances & present the same.
  • Time allowed to present the performance will be maximum 3 minutes
  • Negative marking for any disobedience of rules and time limit
  • The participants have to carry their song with themselves in pen-drive


  • The second round will be conducted on 17th March,2023
  • The shortlisted participants from elimination round will be competing in this round
  • In this round, a spontaneous song will be given to participants to prepare their dance on the same in accordance with their style of dance
  • Preparation time - 30 minutes
  • Performance time - 2-5 minutes


  • Choreography
  • Active participation of the duo
  • Coordination
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Energy level
  • Expressions
  • Costumes/Props used


The winner and runner-up will be awarded in cash/kind prizes

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