Battle of bands

There is something euphoric about the atmosphere of a band performance, it is in some ways the truest expression of a Rhapsody. If you feel that your band has the potential to win the ultimate battle of bands then this is the event for you.


  • Team size should be 3-8 members
  • Multiple bands are allowed to participate from the same college or university
  • The time limit to perform is 15 minutes including sound check
  • Negative marking shall be done if the time limit is exceeded
  • The order of performances will be decided and the time slots will be allotted to each band.
  • The team has to report 2 hour prior the event
  • If all members of the band are not present backstage 15 minutes before the time given to them, their acts will be disqualified.
  • The following instruments will be provided by the college: Drum set and Amplifier. The band is required to bring their gear and other necessary instruments along with all necessary cables
  • Teams are free to choose the theme for their performance
  • Extra points will be given if the band performs a fusion of different genres.
  • Obscenity (at the discretion of judges) and foul language of any kind are not allowed and will lead to disqualification of the said band.
  • The organizing committee shall not be held accountable for any broken equipment, injuries, or any negative occurrence.
  • The use of any illegal substances will not be tolerated. If any band member is suspected to be under the influence of any illegal substance, the entire band will be disqualified and strict actions will be taken
  • The decision made by the judges will be final and binding for all


  • Audience Response
  • Stage presence
  • Choice of songs
  • Music theory (rhythm, pitch and proficiency of instruments)


The winner and runner-up will be awarded with cash/kind prizes.

Winner of the competition will get a chance to perform on Day 3 of Crescendo'23

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